The best Honduran quality coffee

We select our suppliers to be able to offer to our clients the best Honduran Coffee.

Coffee Regions


Coffee with chocolate flavor, round body, well balanced, with a sustained aftertaste.


A coffee with a fine and delicate acidity, well balanced with tropical fruit flavors such as grapes and blackberries, sweet aftertaste and flat body.


A coffee with sweet and fruity fragrances, its acidity is vivid and bright, with an orange and peach flavor, creating a vibrant drink with a chilling aftertaste and a velvety body.


A coffee with a sweet citrus fragrance, its citrus acidity is vibrant with sweet flavors and chocolate and a creamy body.

Our Brands

With the experience of our quality control experts, we have identified coffees of the highest quality, which we offer through our brands, each of them with a specific cup profile.

Our offerings include

We offer a Microlot option

Commercial Grade Coffees

Certified Coffees

Single Estate Coffees

Selected Profile Coffees

Our facilities

We have a production capacity of 700 bags of 69 Kg. per day, and we have a storage capacity of 60 thousand quintals in parchment. We have access to cooperatives and producers in several regions of the country through our procurement team network strategically located.

Barrio Villa Belén, Complejo San Rafael, Santa Rosa de Copan, Copan, Honduras.